city of reinbeck volunteer boards

Park Board


The Park Board is a 5 member board that was established to make plans for the development and use of park and recreational facilities in the City.

Board Members Include:

Kim Dripps (chair)

Chris Heasley

Elisabeth Beughly

Dan Johnson

Sue Buskohl

Cemetery Board


The Cemetery Board consists of 3 members that have authority over the municipal cemetery and cemetery equipment and establish a budget for maintaining the grounds and facilities.

Board Members Include:

Gregg Moser (chair)

Dean Larsen

Dean Snow

Memorial Building Commission


The Commission consists of 5 members that are responsible for the management of the Reinbeck Memorial Building.

Board Members Include:

Joe Davis (chair)

Glenda Billerbeck

Donna Larsen

Mike Paine

Curtis Sebekow

city of reinbeck volunteer boards

Library Board


The Library Board consist of 5 members.  Four members within the city and one member of the G-R school district residing outside of the city limits of Reinbeck and within Grundy County.

Board Members Include:

Marilyn Evans (chair)

Kathy Etringer

Jan Ehrig

Becky Schildroth

Sue Trunck

Community Development Board


The Board consist of 5 to 20 members whose duties are to promote the general welfare of businesses, professional services, and community interests of the residents of Reinbeck and promote Reinbeck through improvements, development, promotion, and expansion.

Board Members Include:

Brent Bovy (chair)

Kyle Blohm

Marion Boyer

Chris Frischmeyer

Mike Rickert

Lynn Trask

Darren Trunck

Jean Silver

Reinbeck Telecommunications Utility Board


The Board consist of 5 members to serve as trustees for the Reinbeck Telecommunications Utility.

Board Members Include:

Dan Smoldt (chair)

Donovan Devore

Nick Suender

Adrian Johnson