reinbeck fire & ems department

Fire & EMS Roster

The Reinbeck Fire & EMS is a volunteer department proudly serving Reinbeck and its surrounding communities.  There will always be a need for people who care, who help, and who heal.  Volunteer firefighters and EMTs are trained and equipped professionally to fight for and protect their communities with pride. 

The Reinbeck Firemen and EMS Roster Include:

Chris Heasley - Fire Chief

Tim Johnson - Assistant Fire Chief

Jamie Eiffler - Assistant Fire Chief

Dan Mohlis - EMS Captain

Justin Farley - Fire Captain

Ross Wiebensohn - Fire Captain

Jared Baker - Fire Captain

Shawn Murphy - President

Ross Wiebensohn - Vice President

Michelle Heasley - Secretary

Nathan Ragsdale - Treasurer

Aric Sitckfort

Jeff Charley

Chris Jans

Tyler Bueghly

Alex Henricks

Rick Ogle

Jeff Henricks

Kendi White

Matt Moore

Brad Cecak

Chris Yockey

Malinda VanHauen

Lyndsy Marquand

Bridget Aneweer

Jesse Quil

If you would like to talk with someone about joining the fire or EMS, please contact one of the members or reach out to City Hall.