reinbeck history

Small Town Living at it Best!!

Reinbeck is a community of about 1,664 people.  It is located in the southeast corner of Grundy County.  The first families settled in the area around 1866, the town was incorporated in 1876.  There were several names suggested for the town but, finally, Reinbeck was decided because the Blackhawk Creek, a clear running stream, is just north of the town.  "Rein" means clear and "beck" means streams or brook in the German language.

Reinbeck has family parks, a modern and convenient fire station, memorial building, library, and fitness center.  There is an elementary and high school located in the community, many churches, and local community organizations.  We have an aquatic center, community daycare, excellent soccer and little league baseball and softball complex, doctor's offices, dentist, restaurants, a grocery store, post office, and many businesses down town!